5 Reasons to Incorporate Face Oils Into Your Skincare Routine


5 Reasons to Incorporate Beauty Oils Into Your Skincare Routine

Have you heard of the latest trend in skincare?

This practice boast a slew of skin benefits; everything from keeping acne at bay to calming skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

And it’s not what you think.

Gone are the days of using oils only in your cooking, using oils in your skincare regime is the new normal.

The great news is that beauty oils for skincare provide a huge number of advantages, many of which you can’t get from other products. If you experience extremely dry skin, frequent breakouts, aging or wrinkled skin, short or sparse eyelashes, or any inflammatory skin conditions, beauty oils are here to help.

Why Use Face Oils?

There was a time when many of us would have shuddered at the thought of slathering oils on our face willingly. For the last decade, most consumers would go out of their way to find products that were oil-free. We’ve been told for years that any product with oil will instantly clog pores, leading to recurring breakouts and general discomfort.

The fact is: your face and skin love oil, and need oil to stay healthy, hydrated and clear of troublesome issues.

Everyone’s skin produces sebum, which is your body’s version of a natural moisturizer. While too much oil can still cause skin problems, applying oil to the skin can help reduce your natural level of oil production, and help dissolve the gunk in your pores.

So, give oils a try! You have nothing to lose but your skin problems.

Face Oil Benefits

Now that you’re up to speed on the why and how of using beauty oils for skincare, let’s get into the amazing benefits that you can enjoy from this practice.

Combat Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin complaints. Indeed, 60 million Americans report issues with acne. This is one of the complaints most easily remedied with beauty oils. We recommend oils such as geranium, frankincense, or tea tree diluted with almond or grapeseed oil to get a handle on your acne breakouts. Or, try Camellia oil which is very light and non-comedogenic. If you’re looking for a more complete solution, the Ultimate Glow Bundle has everything you need to get clear skin.

No More Dry Skin

You’re in the majority if you’ve ever suffered with uncomfortable dry skin. Here’s where beauty oils can help: oil is naturally hydrating for the skin, and can help to bring your skin back from the flaky brink. You may want to try especially moisturizing oils like jojoba or sweet almond. For an especially refreshing experience, you may want to follow your oils with Papillon’s rosewater facial mist, which contains organic steam-distilled rosewater.

Go from Aging to Ageless

Who doesn’t want to look more youthful? Beauty oils can help make your skin look younger, and more vibrant. A popular beauty oil to use on aging skin is Camellia oil. This oil is packed with antioxidants, minerals and anti-aging plant collagen. This oil will help nourish and protect your skin, leaving it glowing with youthful radiance.  

Calm Sensitive or Irritated Skin

Sensitive skin is yet another common complaint among all ages. Thankfully, beauty oils can help with this condition as well. Whether you experience plain old sensitive skin, or you’re afflicted with a more serious disorder like eczema or psoriasis, oils can bring relief. Pomegranate oil, in particular, is known to stimulate cell turnover and production of collagen. This oil may help to reverse skin damage and give your sensitive skin a chance to heal.

Promote Lash Growth

Finally, even if you don’t have a dry or acne-prone your skin, beauty oils can help to grow thicker, fuller eyelashes. Oils help encourage the growth of your lashes by conditioning and nourishing the hair follicles. Our organic eyelash growth serum contains coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and vitamin E to naturally stimulate long lashes.

How to Apply Face Oils

While it’s easy to sing the praises of using beauty oils in your skincare regime, first a word of caution. You must be careful with your method of applying your chosen oils, to make sure that you don’t achieve the opposite effect of irritating your skin even more. To get the most out of using oils, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Start clean. You first want to make sure that your skin is prepped for the application of your chosen oils. Before oil application, cleanse, exfoliate and tone your face.
  2. Add oils and rub. The good thing about oil is that you don’t need very much to get the job done. Add just 2-3 drops of your chosen oil or oil blend to your palms. Gently rub your hands together to warm the oils and achieve an even distribution.
  3. Press into skin. Place your full palm on your face and press firmly. Push the oil into your skin by repeating the press method on your face, neck, and chest. This should take 30-60 seconds. Enjoy the relaxing massage while you’re at it!

And that’s it - you’re done! Now sit back and admire your glowing, healthy skin.

Get Started with Skincare Oils Today

Oils have officially made their move from kitchen to bathroom. If you’re looking for relief from dry, aging, or sensitive skin, look no further than incorporating beauty oils into your skincare routine. Plus, oils provide the added benefits of helping to clear acne and growing long, beautiful eyelashes. What’s not to love?

Here’s to a more naturally beautiful YOU!