Anti-Aging Tips by Papillon

Hey there! This is Tamy from Papillon.

I meet so many beautiful women every day and a lot of them ask me questions about anti-aging products. To me, age is just a number. And to tell you the truth, skin care is not limited to the products you use… in fact it is all about the little habits you build for yourself and the small efforts you make every day that make you beautiful.

A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy and glowing skin that defies age. Read on to know my top four tips for anti-aging!

1) Whatever we eat rather what we forget to eat, has a deep and long lasting effect on our skin. Habits like drinking less water or eating junk food everyday can make your skin look dull and tired. So ladies, love yourselves and choose only the best to nourish your body. I always talk about the 8x8 rule for drinking enough water. (Eight 8 oz cups of water or about 2 liters daily) It helps you energize and keeps your skin moisturized all day. For a healthy diet go with fruit and berries rich in vitamins and antioxidants. For me, I love to snack on blueberries or fresh oranges during the day! Foods like olive oil, salmon, flaxseeds and avocados are natural sources of healthy fat which make your skin softer and plump. Love and care for your body is the best anti-aging trick, you'll see!

2) Spend more time than money on your skincare. There was a time when I would've rather bought an expensive product, than develop a daily regime to cleanse and nourish my skin. But these good little habits are so important for your beautiful self. Every morning before you step out into the cheerful sunshine, protect yourself with a good sunscreen lotion. Sunrays can damage the skin, causing dark spots and wrinkles. And every night, before you go to bed remember to wash off the make-up and pollution. Massage your face with something naturally rejuvenating like an organic Camillia seed oil. It tones and moisturizes your skin through the night, so you wake up looking fresh and young every morning! 

3) Always go organic when you can and choose products which have simple chemical-free ingredients for yourself. I love to use natural oils and organic serums to nourish my skin. Sometimes, using an orange peel to exfoliate your skin can replenish the Vitamin C you badly need or add a few drops of organic pomegranate seed oil to your moisturizer for radiant, younger looking skin. A lot of anti-aging experts swear by retinoid creams and serums, but for me – staying as far away from chemicals as possible always helps!

4) Life is full of stress and if you’re dealing with toddlers like myself – I completely understand! But hey, let your smile power you through the day and find easy ways to de-stress like exercising, meditation or yoga. Falling into a daily regime of calming your body and soul can have a long lasting effect on your health.

That’s it! Four simple changes to make in your life that can keep you looking fresh and young. It is the small efforts you make every day that add up to make you ageless and attractive. At Papillon we always believe that beauty lies within… so go ahead and love yourself, make time for yourself and don’t be afraid to go organic!

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