Five Easy Habits for Beautiful, Glowing Skin!

5 Habits for beautiful, glowing skin

Did you know that your skin is a big reflection of your body's overall health? Check out our list below of 5 healthy habits for glowing skin!


1. A telltale sign of dehydration is dry and flaky skin. For supple skin, strong muscles, and overall body health think of the 8x8 rule.( Eight 8 oz cups of water or about 2 liters daily ). If I’m being honest... I’m not a big fan of the taste of water, but I LOVE to infuse it with things like orange blossom, lemon, lime, and mint. YUM!

Whether it’s iced, warm, infused, or bubbly drink the water that works best for you :)


2. What we put inside our body/what we eat affects how we look on the outside! Foods that are full of healthy fats and antioxidants keep you healthy and help you fight ageing!

Healthy fats that are found in foods like salmon and avocado nourish your body from the inside, slow down the aging process and put moisture back in your skin; making it glow and look plump.

Foods that are full of antioxidants like blueberries and strawberries fight free radicals and inflammation which are the leading causes of wrinkle formation.


3. Nothing can brighten spirits more than a little sunshine- but that doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need protection. Sun rays can be extremely harmful to the skin, causing wrinkles, dark spots, and skin cancer.  Add sunscreen to your daily routine… and your skin will thank you for years to come! And yes, you need to wear sunscreen even in the Fall & Winter.


4. Life’s too short to be stressed all of the time! Not only does excessive stress lead to headaches and a weakened immune system but it ages us, making our skin look tired & dull. To reduce stress, think about getting into daily meditation or yoga and getting enough sleep. Finding a couple of minutes each day to bring calm and peace to your mind can change your whole mindset! Other stress relievers include regular exercise and surrounding yourself with positive, supportive thinkers. Happiness Shows on your skin! 


5. Opt for chemical-free beauty products and with minimal ingredients! Certified organic with as close to nature as possible. I personally try to avoid any ingredients that I can’t pronounce! I love to use organic serums and face oils on my face. Simple, clean and gentle ingredients are your skin’s best friends! You can check Papillon certified organic face oils here. :)