How to keep your lashes healthy and long


Long eyelashes and full brows can have quite an impact on looks. They’re a classic feminine trait and have such an amazing ability to completely transform the face, which is why a fuller fringe is so often sought after. But many women, like myself, struggle with thinning lashes and eyebrows. While we can turn to mascara, falsies or even extensions, it’s never really the same, is it? Before digging deeper into remedies, I think it’s important to first understand why we’re losing them in the first place. It’s actually very common, but unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to the “why”. Lashes and brows are very sensitive to changes within the body, and therefore a number of factors could be causing your hair loss. Here are a few of the most common culprits:

Age: Unfortunately, as we age, we start to experience thinning hair as levels of estrogen begin to dwindle.

Stress: When we’re stressed, our metabolism and cortisol levels fluctuate, which can cause hair loss.

Hormones: Irregular or shifting hormone levels can cause hair follicles to stop growing and fall out.

Pregnancy/breastfeeding: Pregnancy and breastfeeding can send your hormones into a tailspin, and these fluctuations can disorganize hair growth cycles.  

Certain medications: Hair loss is a common side effect of many medications. Talk with your doctor to determine if this could be the issue and if there are any alternatives.

Nutrient deficiency/illness: Certain nutrients have the ability to influence and sustain hair growth, so a deficiency in one or several could cause hair loss.

Tugging too much during makeup removal: Over-plucking your eyebrows and/or tugging at your lashes during makeup removal creates minor trauma that can eventually cause hair to stop growing.

Sleeping in makeup: The loss of eyelashes can also be caused to chemical reactions from cosmetics which result in damaged hair follicles and eyelash loss.

Lash extensions: The weight of eyelash extensions and the chemicals used to adhere them can cause major damage to your real lashes. 

I personally noticed a difference in my lashes after having my second son. They weren’t as long as they used to be and my brows were starting to thin as well. So for me, it was a combination of hormones and aging, and therefore something I had little control over. My point here is that eyelash and eyebrow loss is typically the result of something your body is coping with. Although not always, it’s most often internal. The key to fighting it is addressing the underlying cause to better understand how to move forward with treatment and prevention. From there, there are multiple ways in which we can continue to pamper and preserve these defining features we love so much. Here are a few of the best ways to do so: 

Keep your lashes hydrated: Just like the hair on your head, your lashes and brows need to be hydrated and moisturized.

Keep your lashes clean: Good hygiene is vital to preserving and growing lashes. Make sure to use clean makeup (that you regularly replace).

Take off your makeup every night: Be sure to remove your makeup, especially eye makeup, before going to bed.

Avoid rubbing your eyes: Avoid rubbing your eyes and eyelids, as this can loosen hairs and cause them to fall out. This also can push more dirt and makeup into the area.

Follow a healthy diet: A healthy diet is really so important for overall health and this includes hair, lashes, and brows. Incorporate foods rich in protein and vitamins and minerals, and also be sure to consume plenty of water.

Exercise and reduce stress: Try to get your heart rate up each day through regular sweat sessions, and incorporate practices that help you to reduce stress and relax. Consider journaling or meditation for example.

Use a boosting treatment: There are both prescription and non-prescription treatments on the market today that aim to stimulate re-growth for both lashes and brows.

Touching more on that final tip, there are several products available that can help to turn your lashes around. Conditioners, often coming in mascara-like tubes, have the ability to add dramatic length, volume and shine to both lashes and brows with just a quick and simple swipe. Sound too good to be true? It’s really not. While not an overnight treatment, with consistent application of one of these products you can start seeing results in as little as three weeks! They’re a much more permanent solution to costly salon services, self-adhesives and chalky pencils and powders, and are also more convenient and user-friendly.

Thanks to their surprising success, there are many lash enhancers out there, giving us an overwhelming selection to choose from. The purpose of this article is to make sure you can make the most informed decision possible, because not all of these serums are made equal. Several of the more mainstream brands do work well, but also come with the risk of some serious side effects. Bimatoprost is the common active ingredient in these popular serums, known for its ability to enhance hair growth. It works by increasing the number of eyelash hairs that grow and the amount of time that they grow. However, while effective in that aspect, it can also lead to redness, itchiness, dryness, discharge and even skin darkening and change in eye color. Another ingredient used in a very popular eyelash serum on the market is Phenoxyethanol. Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic preservative and was considered a safer alternative to paraben for some time, but recently has come under fire due to new research results and it has been banned by most green beauty retailers such as Follain! Some of the side effects of Phenoxyethanol is skin irritation, infertility, and nervous system issues. Lastly, Butylene Glycol, is a very common ingredient in traditional lash serums and this is actually an ingredient used in anti-freeze products! Yikes 

An alternative to these traditional serums is a more natural product that’s castor based. While there isn’t an abundance of them available, they work in the same manner to keep lashes healthy and moisturized, prevent breakage and also stimulate the follicles. So, my point is, like anything else you’re going to put on or into your body, look at the ingredient list and really do your research before you begin to slather. Papillon Lash & Brow Serum is currently one of the only certified organic, vegan and cruelty free-lash serums offered on the market. In addition to castor oil, it’s also enriched with argan oil, matcha ( shown in multiple studies to strengthen hair and encourage hair growth**), vitamin E and packed with omega-3 & -6 fatty acid. All of these amazing nutrients work together to help keep lashes strong and healthy without harsh chemicals.

Do you have any tips to keep your lashes healthy? Please share them below.