Papillon Holiday Gift Guide

Papillon Holiday Gift Guide
Papillon Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, everyone is so busy shopping, wrapping, standing in line, and sitting in traffic. To save you some time, I rounded up some of my favorite products from our collection to help you shop for your girlfriends, mom, your kids teachers and all the extra special women in your life! Our products make a great gift for anyone who loves to be pampered and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? :)

  1. Aphrodite Natural Mascara: Give the eyes and lashes the attention they deserve with this great stocking stuffer! Our mascara adds volume and length with all natural ingredients.
  2. Rose gold eyelash curler: For the lady who likes to be surrounded with elegance, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for her! Our eyelash curler is not only beautiful, but it lifts your lashes, opens your eyes and makes them look awake and vibrant. It even comes in a beautiful velvet bag!
  3. Butterfly Gua Sha: This butterfly-shaped gua sha facial tool is made of nurturing rose quartz, a stone associated with empathy, compassion, and the heart. It makes a great gift for the woman looking for a gentle, natural, and non-invasive tool to enhance her anti-aging skincare routine. In addition, you can draw on the self-love and self-acceptance energy from the stone during your daily meditation!
  4. Amethyst & Rose quartz rollers:This is an absolute must-have for the girl who loves to pamper herself! Rollers have quickly become a huge hit because they turn morning and evening skincare routines into a mini spa/self-care session. They come in Amethyst or Rose Gold in a beautiful gift box so you can skip the wrapping paper.
  5. Hydrated Glow Bundle: Give the gift of glowing skin! During the winter, everyone is experiencing dry skin that’s dying for more moisture. When you give this bundle, your friend/mom/ colleague will thank you every time she looks at her beautiful reflection and glowing skin in the mirror!
  6. Eyelash Serum Kit: This Christmas, don’t forget to pamper yourself! Give yourself the gift of long, thick eyelashes and the brows you always wanted!
  7. Gift Card: A gift card is a great option for the gal you’re not sure what to buy for. I always love to include a small gift with it (such as our mascara), but it can also be sent electronically for your convenience!
  8. Water bottleThis is not something we sell, but beautiful skin starts within and being hydrated is the first step to achieving this! I love this bottle by Contigo Couture because it is leak proof and comes in so many fun colors.
Well ladies, I hope guide takes care of all of the ladies on your shopping list! The women in your life will be thanking you for months to come, and you will have purchased all of your gifts conveniently in one place. Happy shopping!