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Hey everyone! This is Tamy, founder of Papillon. I hope you are having a great Friday!

I want every single woman to feel beautiful! Today I am sharing with you why this is so important to me and why I am so passionate about this.  Also, I am going to give you five tips on how to feel beautiful and confident within one week. I promise if you apply these tips daily you should start feeling better in just one week!!

I am so passionate about this and it is practically my mission in life. You see, when I was growing up I was extremely shy and insecure. My face would literally turn bright red when I talked to anyone outside of my immediate family. It would get even worse when I would feel the warmth, knowing that my face is red. I would eventually become more embarrassed! My high school friends would attest to this and say that “yes, she was very shy!” I wanted to be invisible! I did not want to be “seen” by people since I was so shy and uncomfortable in social settings but unfortunately this came across as being arrogant!  I always had a serious look on my face and acted invisible and hoped that no one would notice me…….

I struggled with this for a long time and it took me a lot of work and many years just to feel comfortable in my own skin. So, I made it my mission to help women feel beautiful and good about themselves.

Women should feel good about themselves for many reasons. First, if a woman does not feel confident or does not feel that she is beautiful, then she sells herself short. She will not live up to her full potential. She would settle in life, work and relationships.  It breaks my heart to see women sell themselves short, not going after their dreams and settling into work and relationships that are not good for them….

Somehow, they think that is the best they deserve and that is just heartbreaking.

Second, which is as important, and perhaps, more important than the first reason, is that confident women raise confident girls! Bullying is becoming such a big issue in schools and on social media. Even in 1st grade, where my 6-year-old son is currently in, bullying is occurring! We have to understand that bullying comes from a place of insecurity and not feeling good about oneself! The bully puts others down to feel better about themselves. That’s why I strongly feel that if we raise confident, kind kids then we can eliminate bullying!

These are my two main reasons for wanting to empower women and help them feel more beautiful. I want to see women go after their dreams and to feel empowered and happy about their lives and to be able to raise amazing and confident little girls!

I am going to share with you five tips that I use and that are great in helping you feel better about yourself. I promise you that if you apply these five tips you should feel better in one week.  However, you have to be consistent and do them every single day.


Tip #1: Look at yourself in the mirror and say something nice about yourself. Compliment yourself, find a feature that you like, and just say, “I like ‘this’ about myself”. It can be anything from your hair to your eyes or lips. Just compliment yourself and say something nice. You can also say, “I am strong and positive,” or anything that makes you feel better about yourself. It may feel silly and awkward at the beginning but I assure you that this is the best thing you can do for yourself! To genuinely feel good about yourself, It has to come from within. You might not believe it in the beginning but keep at it and with time, this will do wonders to your self-esteem.

Tip #2: Compliment another woman every single day. The main thing is that you have to be sincere about it. Don’t just give random compliments. Find something that you like about them, whether it’s their personality or something they are wearing. However, the most important thing is that it has to come from your heart. Say it to that woman whether you see her every day or just a woman that you happen to interact with, like the supermarket cashier. There are a few reasons why this is great. Giving a compliment actually has the same effect on you as the person receiving the compliment because you will feel better as well. Your compliment makes someone else happy and their happiness is transmitted back to you. It makes you happier, more positive and confident since you just made someone’s day. It is scientifically proven that if you make someone feel good about themselves then you start feeling good about yourself too. Also when you notice positive things in other, you begin noticing positive things in yourself. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation. It also helps build your self-esteem.

Tip #3: Take care of yourself. Our body is our temple. What we eat is very important. Exercising and self-care should be a priority in your life. When you take care of yourself and put yourself first, you feel happier and more confident. Eating healthy, exercising and doing what you enjoy such as yoga, cardio, or swimming can help boost your confidence. Your goal here is not to lose weight or look a certain way but it is to give your body and mind what it needs to perform at its best. Looking and feeling beautiful has nothing to do with physical attributes, it has to come from within. If you feel confident and good about yourself it just shines through.

Tip #4: Surround yourself with positive people. As simple as that! Anyone that is negative in your life, just eliminate them. If that’s not possible, then try spending very limited time with them. Personally, I surround myself with positive people and friends who support me and lift me up! Women who feel good about themselves and who are always there by my side when I need that little push!  They are simply this positive energy in my life. Anyone who is negative, who literally sucks your energy and makes you feel bad about yourself is someone you do not want in your life. Unfortunately, sometimes such people are family members, therefore, just spend a little amount of time with them and don’t let their negativity get into your thinking or into your life. Just listen to what they say, take it for whatever it is, don’t overanalyze it, and just deflect it back. Don’t let it affect you!

Tip #5: Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is the MOST important tip. You are who you are and the only person you need to compete with is yourself. You want to be a better person today than you were yesterday and that’s the only person you want to compete with. Each person is running their own race and everyone is in a different stage in their lives so there is no point to compare yourself or to try to measure up to anyone else. I’ll give you a simple example. I’m 5”2. This is who I am, there’s nothing I can do about it. Growing up I always wished I was taller, I wished I had longer legs but this is never going to happen. I have short, muscular legs. No matter how much I exercise or diet, I’m not going to look like someone who is 5”4, 5”6 or 5”8. Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone whether it is their physical looks or their accomplishments! Just focus on yourself. Try to better yourself. Make the best version of ‘you’ whatever that is.

These are my five tips and I promise you that if you apply them every single day and are consistent with them, then you will feel more confident and beautiful. I wish I knew this  a long time ago ; )

Women are beautiful, amazing creatures and we can accomplish amazing things in this world if we just support and lift each other up.

I would love to hear from you. Did you struggle with shyness growing up? What did you do to overcome it?