Six Easy Steps to a natural, radiant “no-makeup” makeup look

Six Easy Steps to a natural, radiant “no-makeup” makeup look

If you are anything like me.... like a simple and natural makeup look.

We’ve all seen the videos!

You know, the ones boasting twenty-something steps to contour perfection using dozens of different products and brushes!

My reaction is always the same. While the end result can be beautiful, who has the time? and she looks like a different person! 

Whether you’re a busy mom like me ( picture below with my kids before school run. I have five minutes tops for my morning skincare/makeup routine), over-worked student, or fast-paced professional, every minute of your day is valuable.

As a mother and business owner myself, my mornings are a blur of high-speed routine and the idea of applying layer after layer and going through step after step to simply prepare myself for the day ahead just isn’t practical.

"No-Makeup" Makeup Look

More importantly, isn’t makeup’s ultimate purpose to accentuate features and bring out the natural beauty every face has?

I may apply and conceal, but in the end I still want to look like me......

.....And I don’t want or need a million different products (that are also undoubtedly loaded with chemicals and harsh additives) to achieve a glowing and fresh-faced look.

So, as the antidote for all of the crazy tutorials and lengthy how-to’s, I’ve compiled some simple steps that are quick and effective to bring out all your natural beauty without taking up all your precious time.

Plus, this look is perfect for the woman who doesn’t like the look or feel of thick, heavy makeup, and favors natural and organic products your skin and you will love.


Here are the the steps for the "no-makeup" makeup look: 

1. First, after cleansing the face, start by applying a light moisturizer or face oil. Papillon’s Certified Organic Camellia Seed Oil is the perfect base for creating a natural look and works wonderfully for sensitive and acne acne prone skin too.

Papillon Organic Camellia Oil

2. Daily sun protection is crucial step for everyone’s skincare routine and after proper moisturizing is the perfect time to apply a daily sunscreen to prevent the aging and dullness caused by continued sun exposure. Want a little extra boost? Add a couple drops of Papillon’s Certified Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil for a higher dose of sun protection and to promote a more even and brighter complexion. This luxurious oil is full of antioxidants and fights free radicals and stimulates cell turnover to not only protect your skin, but also to heal it. 

Papillon Organic Camellia Oil, Papillon Organic Pomegranate Oil

3. Use your favorite concealer to cover any dark circles, blemishes, or additional redness. Use only as absolutely needed to avoid a thick makeup look and be sure to blend so that your overall complexion is clear and even.

4. Next, use your favorite BB cream to smooth and even out your complexion. If you don’t use a facial oil as a moisturizer, you can add a couple drops to your BB cream or tinted moisturizer for a dewy glow. Our Camellia Seed Oil blends perfectly with other face products for that extra dose of radiance.

5. Now it’s time to give your lashes some love. Curl the top lashes. Papillon’s Rose Gold Eyelash Curler uses a gentle and uniform pressure to flair lashes for all eyes shapes, making your gorgeous eyes appear brighter and more awake. Then apply a paraben-free mascara, like Papillon’s Aphrodite Natural Mascara (which is safe and effective for even the most sensitive eyes), to hold shape, lengthen, voluminize and nourish your lashes.

Papillon Natural Mascara and lash curler


6. Use a clear brow mouse to brush through brows, which will help them stay in place and keep a uniform shape throughout the day.

** Optional step, you can complete your look with a setting powder that contains SPF for added protection and to mattify any shiny spots. Add a swipe of tinted SPF lip balm (or your favorite lipstick for a slightly bolder look) and you’re good to go!

      Quick Tip: Finding yourself in need of a quick mid-day refresher? Papillon’s Certified Organic Rosewater Facial Mist is every woman’s best friend! If your skin starts feeling dull or dry during the day, just a couple spritzes of this lovely mist will wake your skin back up and you can use it right over your makeup without having to deal with any reapplication. Plus, it’s chemical-free and smells amazing!

      Papillon Organic Rosewater Mist

      With just six easy steps and so much time saved you have a near-effortless and natural look perfect for those crazy weekdays and more laid back weekends alike. So stop starting your days with instant worry about how you’re going to get everything you need to do done and take your time back. A natural, “no-makeup” look is beautiful on everyone because everyone has their own natural beauty to highlight. Why try and look like anyone else when you can look like a gorgeous and put-together you!

      "No-Makeup" Makeup look

      So what are you waiting for? Get glowing!

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