Sun Protection For Melasma

Sun Protection For Melasma


Summer is finally here ☀️⁣

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I take sun protection very seriously!

I struggle with very bad melasma on my forehead & my cheeks......

......probably from years of slathering olive oil on my face and sitting in the sun to tan and my membership in the tanning salons in my early 20s !!) What was I thinking  (you can read the blog on how I manage my melasma here)

.......the one skincare advice I would give my younger self is to wear sunscreen!! ⁣

Ok, back to how I take care of my skin now....⁣

- I wear liquid physical sunscreen mixed with Papillon Organic Pomegranate Oil every single day ( rain, shine, cloudy....). The Pomegranate Oil is full of antioxidants and gives an extra boost of protection against free radicals. ( You can read my blog about the difference between physical & mineral sunscreen here).
..... But if you have melasma, you definitely want to wear mineral/physical sunscreen. ⁣

- I follow it with a brush on powder sunscreen ( two of my favorites are Mineral Fusion and Brush on Sunscreen)⁣
- I always wear a wide brim hat and sunglasses if out in the sun ⁣
- As much as I love the sun, I do my best to avoid sitting in direct sun ( especially my face). I sit in the shade or under an umbrella ⁣
- I try to avoid being outside when the sun is strongest between 10am - 2pm... but honestly this is very hard for me because I live for sunny days⁣
- I reapply powder sunscreen at least every two hours⁣
- I reapply liquid sunscreen on my face & body immediately after swimming⁣

I know this is a lot but this is the best routine to minimize ( if not prevent) sun damage, like dark spots and wrinkles/early signs of aging.⁣

Do you wear sunscreen daily? ⁣