Facial Oil Trio Bundle

Facial Oil Trio Bundle

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Our best-selling oils in a trio travel size set! 

"Try Me" size is 5ml and comes in a glass dropper.  

Great for traveling or gift giving!

Three options available

Gentle Touch Trio {suitable for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin}: Includes Camellia Oil, Rosehip Oil, Facial Oil Cleanser

Youthful Hydration Trio {Suitable for dry and/or aging skin}: Includes Pomegranate Oil, Avocado Oil, Facial Oil Cleanser

Glowing You Trio { Suitable for all skin types}: Camellia Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil

About The Oils: 

Camellia Oil:

The luxurious USDA certified organic Camellia oil is high in oleic acid ( omega – 9 ), antioxidants, anti-aging plant collagen, and minerals. It helps condition, nourish, and protect the skin; giving you a glowing and radiant complexion. 
This oil is widely used in Asia and is considered to be one of the most treasured beauty secrets of Japanese Geishas.
Light, non-greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Great for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Pomegranate Oil:

Pomegranate oil is high in punicic acid - an omega 5 fatty acid and antioxidant. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps stimulate cell turn over and collagen production. It works to fend off free radicals and provides protection against sun damage - keeping wrinkles and skin aging at bay. 

It helps reverse skin damage - reducing skin scars, discoloration, and giving the skin an overall brighter look.

Skin will look plump, radiant, and more youthful! Great for all skin types, especially for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Great for dry and aging skin.

Avocado Oil: 

Avocado oil is high in vitamins A, E, and D, chlorophyll, carotenoids, fatty acids, and phytosterols. It is known for its wound healing properties, the ability to increase collagen production (say goodbye to wrinkles!), and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have shown that it can protect against and repair cellular damage from UV exposure and restore the barrier function of dry, damaged, compromised skin.

It will rejuvenate even the driest of skin and is fantastic for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or sun-damaged skin. It is even safe for those with acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Your skin will look refreshed, smooth, and glowing!

It is suitable for dry, aging, and combination skin. Those with latex allergy may have an adverse reaction to avocado oil and will want to do a patch test before using.

Argan Oil:

Argan oil is high in the essential fatty acid linoleic acid, polyphenols, vitamin E, squalene, and triterpenes. Triterpenes have been shown to speed wound healing, decrease scarring, and stimulate collagen synthesis. It offers anti-oxidant protection from UV and environmental damage.

It will help to improve elasticity and increase hydration by strengthening the barrier function, allowing the skin to hold more water. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and sunspots. Your skin will look younger, firmer, and more lustrous!

Argan oil is non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog pores. It is suitable for all skin types including dry, sensitive oily, and even acne-prone. Perfect for aging or combination skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil:

Rosehip seed oil is high in vitamin E, carotenoids (vitamin A and its derivatives, lycopene, beta-carotene), both essential fatty acids linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid, and phytosterols. It has a very high antioxidant content and can prevent and repair the oxidative damage caused by UV exposure and environmental pollution. Due to its essential fatty acid content, it is an exceptional oil for inflammatory conditions such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

It helps to reduce photoaging, increase elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fade dark spots and scars, and increases skin moisture. Your skin will look more youthful, hydrated, and luminous!

It is known as a “dry oil” because it absorbs so quickly and fully leaving no greasy feeling. It is suitable for all skin types, especially aging, sensitive, or inflamed skin. 

Facial Oil Cleanser:

Facial oil cleanser and makeup remover. Removes makeup, sunscreen, and dirt; leaving your face clean, hydrated and glowing.

Camellia and Argan oil restore moisture for a soft, supple and more even complexion.  Rose Oil soothes and calms skin to keep irritation at bay.

Great for all skin types.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Light
What a cute bundle!

This is the perfect little bundle, especially if you want to try some of the Papillon products. I also think I might toss this in my gym bag so I have it on the go!

Bsylvia@terrierre.com SylviaA
Love them all!

I had never tried oils before, so I thought I would try this bundle. The problem is that I love them all and can’t decide which one to buy the bigger bottle! Thank you also for being so attentive to your customers’ needs and questions. I’m sure I’ll be in touch after the holidays to get your opinion.

Keep coming back to this oil!

I have been using this oil for about a year now and absolutely love it! It is very moisturizing and I love that it’s organic and clean! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs moisture for dry skin!

Kirstyn Brown

Love the after glow and that it’s not too thick or oily.

Tessa V.
Perfect for Sensitive Skin

I have extremely sensitive skin, lots of allergies, rosacea and uneven skin tone. I love this product!I I've been applying it daily with no irritation or breakouts! I apply it as a part of my morning skincare routine. The formula is thick - as it is completely natural with no additives. A little goes a long way! At first I was hesitant my face would be sticky, but after applying a moisturizer and SPF on top, it gives me a dewy glow that lasts all day. I'm very grateful to find skincare products with minimal ingredients that are both organic and cruelty free. I'm obsessed!

Thank you so much for your review! So happy to hear that our pomegranate oil works for your sensitive skin.