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The Story of Papillon Organic


Hi, I’m Tamy.

As the founder of Papillon Organic, I am often asked about the origin of this brand. The answer is multi-layered, comprised of ancestral wisdom, treasured childhood memories, the healing power of nature, and the quest to answer my skin’s own evolving needs. Each of these aspects has informed the founding of Papillon Organic, and continue to be a part of Papillon today.


Beloved Beauty Rituals. Natural Ingredients.

Growing up in Israel, my mother and grandmother imparted to me the wisdom behind the beauty rituals they learned from their own mothers in Syria and Lebanon.

Beauty and pride are deeply intertwined in the Middle East; from an early age, I learned the value that was placed on skin, hair, and eyes. Caring for oneself using everyday plant-based ingredients from our kitchen was an act of self-care from the inside out: The fruits, vegetables and oils we ate regularly were the same we used in our beauty rituals and to treat ailments.


Sugar and lemon were mixed together, heated up with water, and poured on cooling stones—creating a taffy-like mixture used for hair removal wax that also doubled as a sweet treat. Cucumbers were enjoyed in salads, but they were also chilled and used to de-puff the sensitive eye area—and as an added skin treat, paired with a plain yogurt face mask, renowned for its soothing, calming and antimicrobial benefits. Olive oil, drizzled on food for flavor and its heart-healthy benefits, was used as a monthly hair mask to deeply condition the hair and scalp. And then there was rosewater—used in cooking, baking, and in myriad other ways—which still reminds me of my mother, her gentle application of rosewater-soaked compresses on my inflamed, angry skin after I suffered a reaction to over-the-counter acne medication in my early teens.

Through these beloved beauty traditions, I came to trust the nourishing power of natural ingredients and to treasure the family customs that I carry with me to this day. They are the foundation for Papillon Organic.


The Wisdom of the Past Inspires the Present

Though I moved to the U.S. when I was 19, I have returned to those formative years in Israel—and to those beauty rituals—time and time again. They have helped me regain equilibrium in my skin and spirit whenever I have experienced stress, breakouts, disharmony or anxiety.

There was my first semester of college, when I burst into tears at the sheer number of personal care products that I found at the drugstore—a day that began a cycle of buying products to treat one skin issue that only resulted in several more. Or the unhealthy eating habits on campus that sent my body and skin into a spiral of inflammation and irritation. Or years later, when after the birth of my second son in my 40s, my lashes and brows were shorter and more brittle than they’d ever been. Each time, I’d try a new conventional product or one that claimed to be “natural,” only to find myself discouraged at the results and the “greenwashing” that some brands engaged in.

Finally, when I returned to my roots, I began to see the results I was seeking. I went back to eating a Mediterranean diet, simplified my beauty routine by using the same plant-based ingredients I had grown up with and began mixing my own formulas. Using simple and natural ingredients like rosewater, aloe vera, castor, argan and pomegranate oils, my skin calmed down and returned to balance. My lashes and brows regained strength and thickness. And Papillon Organic was born.

Today, Papillon remains a brand by a woman for all women, committed to helping those of us over 40 joyfully embrace who we are, where we are, and how we look—here, now.

 Each product is formulated with echoes of my family’s beauty traditions, with a promise of full transparency. Using only organic, natural and uncomplicated ingredients you can understand, Papillon Organic delivers noticeable results.

It is my wish that each time you reach for a Papillon product, you take a moment to focus on you; to reclaim a sense of balance and enjoy a feeling of tranquility. However you incorporate Papillon into your routine, I hope youll find it helps you care for yourself and your skin simply, effectively, and beautifully.


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