About Us

I confess, I’m a long-time beauty products junkie and mascara addict. I’ve gotten compliments on my lashes and brows for as long as I can remember. But as I’ve gotten older, I noticed that my brows are a little sparser and my lashes don't look as thick, or as long as before. That’s what started me on the hunt for the perfect eyelash serum.

It was immediately apparent, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with the offerings on the market. I was disheartened to read about all the side effects from the traditional serums that are being sold. One well-known brand even states that the serum might affect the color of your eyes!

I wanted a natural and effective solution; which didn’t seem to exist. After doing a lot of research and testing some ingredients, I finally found that a mix of natural oils and vitamin E worked wonderfully. Within 30 days, my lashes became longer, healthier and even darker! I noticed a great improvement to my brows as well.

I founded Papillon because I wanted to share this product with other women who have forever wanted long, healthy lashes but were afraid to use the serums that are on the market due to the disturbing side effects. Papillon eyelash serum is all natural, 100% organic and not tested on animals.

The eyelash curler we include is the icing on the cake. It will complement your look and will add a beautiful butterfly curl to your new long lashes and will open and brighten your eyes.

To a more naturally beautiful YOU!