About Us

The Papillon Story

Like the happiest unexpected journeys, Papillon began out of simple necessity that, when met with tenacity, bloomed beyond my wildest dreams.

When—after the birth of my second son in my 40s—my lashes and brows were thinner and shorter than they had been, I began an exhaustive search for a product that would help restore them to their fuller glory. After becoming discouraged at the harsh ingredients in conventional products and disheartened by the greenwashing in so-called “clean” formulas, I created a natural and highly effective lash and brow serum that provides the same quality and transparency that I demand as a consumer—and one that would match my healthy lifestyle.

As I discovered my passion for natural ingredients and uncomplicated beauty products, Papillon was born—and I’ve never looked back. Today, Papillon remains a brand by a woman for all women, committed to helping those of us over 40 joyfully embrace who we are, where we are, and how we look—here, now. 

In addition to our best-selling lash and brow serum, Papillon includes a skincare line dedicated to deeply hydrating aging, unbalanced skin and to soothing adult acne—something I’ve struggled with, as well. Each product is formulated using only organic and natural ingredients you can understand with transparency you can trust, to be used daily as an act of simple self care.

It is my wish that each time you reach for a Papillon product, you take a moment to focus on you; to restore a sense of balance; to feel like yourself again. However you incorporate Papillon into your routine, I hope you’ll find it helps you care for yourself and your skin simply, effectively, and beautifully.


Our Core Values  

Papillon was founded on 3 core values that inform every aspect of the brand.

These pillars are my passion—and they’re the reason I do what I do!

1) Simple, natural, effective skincare with minimal ingredients.

You’ll always know what goes into Papillon, and why. The ingredients we use are USDA Certified Organic and Leaping Bunny Certified—for transparency, trust and well-being.

2) Empowering women through self-love and education.

Inspiring women to follow their dreams, encouraging them to love who they are and supporting non-profits that seek to support young women through global education initiatives—empowering others is an integral part of Papillon. We’ve recently partnered with www.kurandza.orgto help girls in need receive the education they deserve.

 3) Unparalleled customer service.  

Going above and beyond to keep customers happy brings me joy. It’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all Papillon products—and answer all emails myself.  

Our Mission

Transparency, Always

My mission is to be completely transparent with you, always. From our eco-conscious packaging to our Leaping Bunny and USDA Certified Organic designations, you’ll know exactly what’s in your favorite Papillon formulas, and why.