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Love 💗

I love this mascara! The ingredients made me try it and my lashes look amazing! I will definitely be re ordering this!!

Eyelash Serum

I purchased the eyelash/eyebrow serum based on This Organic Girls recommendation as to the previous one I was using that was only 70% clean, but worked. I was super surprised that within a few weeks of using this toxin free formula, my eyelashes were a little thicker and my eyebrows even starting growing peach fuzz. I will take it! Its now been a month and I will say the bottle DOES last. I use it daily and I would say it lasts 4 months or more! Highly recommend and will continue to use!!!

Love this serum!

I’ve been only using this a couple weeks but I love the way it feels and easy to out on with finger tips.

Simply the best lash serum I've ever used.

I've tried tried many different brands, and they all work to some degree, but this serum is the best. I love that I can use my fingers to apply it, and the texture makes me feel like I'm getting a moisturizing skin treatment. I've been using it for 2 weeks, applying at night, before bed, and the results are amazing.

Nourishing and Satisfying

Love this product - it's fairly dense so I feel like it is really accomplishing it's goal. I read a few other reviews before ultimately deciding to purchase. Agree that there is a scent but I find it unique and pleasant. I associate it with healing power for my face! Recommend!!

What a cute bundle!

This is the perfect little bundle, especially if you want to try some of the Papillon products. I also think I might toss this in my gym bag so I have it on the go!


Rose water is an amazing natural way to tone and help your skin. This product was recommended by an organic company I follow and I haven’t turned back since (over two years). My spritzer cap didn’t work this time but I just used my bottle that ran out instead and it’s fine. Handwritten note was a sweet surprise in the box. Also the shipping was SO FAST and not ridiculously high like some other companies. Great service and company. I will always be a customer! Highly recommend!!!

What a beautiful mist!

This mist is so light and refreshing! I love it in my fridge for a nice, cool spritz in the afternoon!

Konjac Sponge
Onalis C.
Love it

Makes my skin so soft. Noticed a difference after a few days. Definitely will be buying again

Lash wowi

I have really sensitive eyes and have not been able to use other products....this is so gentle no irritation and it WORKS...hopefully a hair growth serum is coming soon!!!!!

Great product

I love the pomegranate organic oil,it is very soothing especially after facial waxing.and I love to use it as a moisturizer before bedtime especially in the winter where the central heating dries us !!!highly recommend it!

Shockingly surprised by the results

Long story short, half my eyelashes on both eyes broke off super near the eyelid for a variety of reasons. So, those eyelashes looked largely non-existent. They did not grow back for MONTHS. So, I took matters into my own hands and tried products...I used pure castor oil for 2 months with ZERO growth. So, I decided to "invest" in this product. $55 is a lot for me as we live on a tight budget, but with no growth naturally or using castor oil I thought I'd try it.

After just a few days I noticed growth and was blown away. I thought my mind was just playing tricks on me and it was "wishful imagining" of longer lashes. However I'm now 2.5 weeks into using this product and there is no mistaking it...those very stubby, almost non-existent lashed are GROWING!!!! They are now about half way to being "full length"!! I am thrilled as my lashes are on the journey back to "normal".

So grateful for this product and it is worth the investment for me.

Scented Soy Candles
Cheryl Miller
Amazing Candles ✨

I love that I received my candles quickly because I couldn’t wait to try them. Also, the buy one get one free offer was great! These candles smell amazing and burn beautifully. I purchased the Cranberry Apple and Ginger and Sandalwood. I would definitely purchase again. I am halfway done with one already! I burn them every day. Thank you for these beautiful candles and amazing offer :)

Rose Body Soap
Albina Velikin

I got this soap as a gift from my friend. I am not into soap bars in general. I only use liquid soaps at home, as the hard bars become slimy. This one is a completely different game! First off - it smells heavenly! My whole bathroom and bedroom smell amazing. My husband and son loved the soap and now I have to stock-up! It is a true gem!

Love it!

Love this duo! The Rosewater smells so beautiful and gives my skin a little extra hydration and glow throughout the day. Love love this oil! So light and hydrating. You get a generous amount for the price. I’m so happy I tried this :)

No results for me

Sadly, I’ve had no results after 1.5 months of using this for my brows. I’ll finish the bottle...just in case it takes even longer. On the plus side, it doesn’t irritate my skin.

Hello Laura, I am sorry that the serum didn't work for you. Sometimes it takes up to 60 days to see results, and it is always good to take before and after pictures. Nonetheless, I offer money back guarantee if you are still not satisfied. Best. Tamy

Brow Gel
Deborah Theus
Brow gel

The right color made all the difference. I have tried sooo many different ones. I am obsessed with my brows. This is by far the best ty tami

Wonderful products

I was attracted to the Papillon line because it is organic and cruelty free . Additionally, I suffer from sensitive skin and the Papillon products work wonderfully for me . My order experience from Papillon was simple and seamless. I am so glad I treated myself to a candle trio as well!! They are without chemicals and smell beautifully!!

I will order more from Papillon products to maintain a safe skin regimen going forward!

- L. Jordan

Facial Oil Trio Bundle SylviaA
Love them all!

I had never tried oils before, so I thought I would try this bundle. The problem is that I love them all and can’t decide which one to buy the bigger bottle! Thank you also for being so attentive to your customers’ needs and questions. I’m sure I’ll be in touch after the holidays to get your opinion.

Organic Camellia Oil
Deborah Theus

Since I have started with Tammy I don’t even remember how I heard about you so must be awhile. Your products have fulfilled my facial routine. Now in between I tried Mario badusco products. My face is happier with your products.

Brow Gel
Daniella Daniels
Shockingly good

I love it! Can't believe I've been living without it !

How did I go so long without this??

This roller is incredible. It feels amazing but the results are what have me sold. I didn’t realize how puffy my face was in the morning until I started using it and felt like a new person!

Rose Gold Eyelash Curler SylviaA
Best Eyelash Curler

As I have aged my eyebrows and lashes became sparse. I got to the point where I was afraid to use an eyelash curler because they were so fragile they would break off. Since using your lash & brow serum, my lashes have started to grow back and are even stronger. At first I was afraid to take a chance curling my lashes, but the rose gold curler works without breaking or pulling out the lashes. I absolutely love your product, especially at 70 years old.

I’m in love with this serum!

Wow, I just LOVE this serum. Not only do my lashes and brows look healthier, but my lids — typically a regular eczema spot for me — are so nourished. I had used another lash growth serum that worked but was SO harsh on my skin, and this product has undone all that damage.

I had to transfer the serum to a different container because it fell out of my medicine cabinet and the glass broke, so next time I’ll plan to keep the bottle in the box for some extra protection.

Love it!

I have been using the organic pomegranate oil and the butterfly gua sha since June and have noticed how heavenly my skin feels and looks.

Just taking 5-10 minutes each morning I am able to easily gua sha before getting my day started. As a stay at home mom to an active 5 year old boy having this self care tool available has been a life saver. Taking these moments of self care during a pandemic have made all the difference to my self care routine.