Papillon Eyeful Bundle

Papillon Eyeful Bundle

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The saying goes "Eyes are windows to the soul". This Papillon Eyeful bundle will put the focus on your eyes!

It includes Papillon Brow Gel and our Aphrodite Natural Mascara, the combo will open and brighten your eyes and make them pop even on your most restless days.

What's inside the bag?

 Papillon Brow Gel

Sculpt the perfect brows with our long lasting brow    gel. Formulated with castor oil to keep brows moisturized & healthy and to encourage brow growth. Choose from three colors.

Aphrodite Natural Mascara

A nourishing formula than lengthens, volumizes and strengthen the lashes. Smudge-free, flake-free and long lasting!

100% Natural Mascara! Made with Organic Chamomile, Rosemary  plus Vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

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באדרה דניאל
Good quality Mascara

I liked the mascara, not sticky.
but it too small :)

Catherine Martzloff
Happy Lashes

I’m really enjoying this mascara. I feel like my lashes look longer and thicker. This mascara also feels good on.

Gema Avila Moreno

I Just need a little bit and my eyelash are ready!

Rare Find

The mascara I found to be the best for me was Bobbie Brown’s Smoky Eye. No clumpiness , full even coverage, and a brush that allows one to apply the mascara evenly. Now I have now found all those features in Aphrodite Natural Mascara with a much healthier ingredient list. From now on, this mascara will be my first choice.

Cheryl Miller
Love 💗

I love this mascara! The ingredients made me try it and my lashes look amazing! I will definitely be re ordering this!!