Papillon Wow Lashes Bundle

Papillon Wow Lashes Bundle

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Have the lashes of your dreams with this Papillon  Bundle.

It includes our best selling Organic Eyelash Serum which naturally promotes eyelash and brows growth, and Aphrodite Natural Vegan Mascara for a long-lasting enhanced and defined eyelashes without clumps.

What's inside the bag?

Papillon Lash & Brow Serum 

Our organic eyelash growth serum is made of a proprietary blend of natural oils which include castor oil, coconut oil and avocado oil plus vitamin E.  It conditions and nourishes the lashes and brows to promote long, thick and healthy lashes. No side effects of harsh chemicals! Use daily at nighttime for the best results.  Results will take 30 - 60 days. Regular & continuous use is needed for optimum health of lashes and brows.

                                               Brow Gel 

Sculpt the perfect brows with our long lasting brow    gel. Formulated with castor oil to keep brows moisturized & healthy and to encourage brow growth. Choose from three colors.




Aphrodite Natural Mascara

100% Natural Mascara! Made with Organic Chamomile, Rosemary & and Lavender plus Vitamin E.


Customer Reviews

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R Jenkins
Good product, bad container

I'm having some results with the Lash and Brow Serum ... BUT, the container it comes in is frankly a bad design. Being a longish tubular container, it permits lots of dribbles down the side and tips over if you try standing it up to use. (I use the dropper to apply serum to a Q-tip to avoid contaminating the contents.) It would be a better design to make the container more gravity-friendly (squatter).

Packaging Review only

I just started using this product so my review is not on the quality or function of the oil itself. My gripe is with the awful packaging. Did the creator of this product test and used it for themselves? The opening of the glass tube is so incredibly small it barely has space for the dropper, causing oil to spill out the sides each time I use this product. Creating a mess with wasted product and this eye oil is not cheap at $55 a bottle. I found myself avoiding using it for a time because of the trouble it gave me with wasted spilled oil. Luckily I had on hand extra glass bottles w/droppers since I work with oils as well. I transferred this product to another bottle that had a wider opening and it solved the problem. Sadly when I transferred it to the smaller bottle, it barely filled up halfway. Very pricey for such little product sold.

Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry that you are not hoppy with the packaging. It is always beneficial to hear back from my customers about their experience with the product and packaging. This is the first time that I hear that the serum bottle is not ideal for the product. I will keep your feedback in consideration if I decide to repackage the serum in the future. Please reach out if you have other questions. Best. Tamy - Papillon Founder

Eyelash serum

I really liked this product, always i buy it and it’s really works with me ❤️

The best natural product you can use for eyelash growth

This is a great natural product with clean and healthy ingredients. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it is 95% organic vs completely organic. It is natural so it won't work as strongly as something with synthetic ingredients which is not safe anyway. I would buy this product again and will once my tube finishes.

kelli Graybill
Eyelash Serum

I purchased the eyelash/eyebrow serum based on This Organic Girls recommendation as to the previous one I was using that was only 70% clean, but worked. I was super surprised that within a few weeks of using this toxin free formula, my eyelashes were a little thicker and my eyebrows even starting growing peach fuzz. I will take it! Its now been a month and I will say the bottle DOES last. I use it daily and I would say it lasts 4 months or more! Highly recommend and will continue to use!!!