Papillon Youthful Glow Bundle

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100% pure organic ingredients that hydrate and rejuvenates dry and irritated skin. Your skin will look brighter, more youthful and will just glow with this bundle.

What's in the bag?

Rosewater Facial Mist

This soothing Rosewater is made from organically grown rose petals. This natural hydrator can be used to tighten pores, even skin tone, soothe irritation and give an overall youthful appearance.

Rosewater is a great addition to your current beauty regimen. It contains no preservatives, artificial scent or harmful chemicals. Its calming scent can also be used in bath water and sprayed on linen.

Unlike other rosewater on the market that are created by simply dropping rose oil in distilled water, our rose water is produced through steam-distillation of fresh organic rose petals. Through the production process, the water can take on the color of the petals that were steamed. Color can vary from pale yellow, to pink.

This process produces much more health and beauty benefits than rose water made by mixing rose oil with distilled water. This process extracts the nutrients from the roses.

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate oil is high in punicic acid - an omega 5 fatty acid and antioxidant. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and helps stimulate cell turn over and collagen production. It works to fend off free radicals and provides protection against sun damage - keeping wrinkles and skin ageing at bay. 

It helps reverse skin damage - reducing skins scars, discolouration and giving the skin an overall brighter look.
Skin will look plump, radiant and more youthful! Great for all skin types, especially for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.