4 Mistakes You're Making When Filling Your Brows!

4 Mistakes You're Making When Filling your brows
Well defined brows make all the difference to frame the face, especially as we age and our brows become thin and sparse! 
Thick brows are not only a sign of youth, but they actually define the eyes and make us look more vibrant and put together. 
Here are my 4 tips and mistakes to avoid when filling your brows:
  1. Use a  brow shade that is a shade lighter than your hair color.  A too dark tone for you will look too harsh and unnatural 
  2. Work with the shape that you already have and just fill empty spots 
  3. Is your goal to keep your brows in place? To fill sparse spots? Or to create a bold look and darken your brows? Depending on your goal you  you can choose the right product for you - gel, pen or pomade or powder. I love Papillon Organic brow gel because it helps you fill empty patches, add color and shape your brows with one product. It even comes with the brush. 
  4. Less is more. You want it to look natural and right. As simple as that ; ) 

Are you making any of these mistakes?