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Simple Body Oil to make at home to combat winter dry skin

Body Oil for dry winter skin


Does your skin feel dry, scaly and itchy in the winter? ⁣

This simple body oil recipe is going to make you wave goodbye to body lotions and body butters because after a few days your skin is going to feel super moisturized and baby soft.⁣

I love repurposing Papillon bottles and for the body oil, I use the Rosewater Facial Mist bottle. ⁣

This recipe is for 4oz bottle but you can adjust it according to your bottle size.⁣


Papillon Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Pomegranate Oil, Organic Rosewater Mist

- 1 oz rose-infused camellia oil ( or pomegranate oil). I like to infuse my oil but you don’t have to ⁣
- 1 oz fractioned coconut oil⁣
- 1 oz almond oil⁣
- 1 oz jojoba oil⁣
- 40 drops of essential oil - I used 20 drops rose oil and 20 drops vanilla⁣
- 2 vitamin E capsules ⁣

Body Oil for winter dry skin

1. Place a funnel over the bottle and add your oils. ⁣
2. Pierce the vitamin E capsule and squeeze the vitamin E oil out into the bottle ( discard the capsule)⁣
3. Add the essential oils. ⁣
4. Place the cap/sprayer and shake the bottle to blend the oils.⁣

Apply it to wet skin! ⁣

Will keep for one year if stored properly.

⁣Are you going to try it? 💖